Massive State Digital completed visual effects for a unique VR campaign to promote Marvel’s latest film, Doctor Strange. 

The challenge was to present to viewers, a live multi-city attraction in which fans were able to virtually walk through 3D worlds, painted by three different artists using the Vive VR system and Google Tilt Brush app. 

To achieve this, Massive State Digital had to seamlessly integrate live action video in native 16x9, 360 videos, and Google Tilt Brush files across two different platforms (video and VR), to present the mixed reality and live event footage into one cohesive viewing experience.

This project presented the distinct challenge of combining exterior visual effects shoots with live events.  Rigorous hardware/software testing and experimentation for best approaches was key.  To ensure success, Massive State Digital worked closely with creative agency Denizen, to thoroughly prep and supervise the multi-city shoot that spanned Tokyo, New York, and London.